The fight against pollution of the oceans: Coinmerce launches one-time fundraiser with Plastic Whale

The waters of the world are polluted. While many different forms of waste are responsible, plastic plays the biggest role. Some researchers expect the oceans to contain more plastic than fish in 2050 in quantity. In the Pacific Ocean, huge plastic surfaces are already forming. It is believed that these patches contain over 100 million tonnes of plastic waste. But even at the local level, the amount of plastic waste is growing.

To counteract the spread of plastic waste in the waters of the world, Coinmerce is donating $ 1.00 to Plastic Whale for every trade that takes place on Wednesday, July 24th.

Plastic Whale is the world’s first professional plastic fishing organization. The company organizes boat trips through the canals of Amsterdam, where plastic waste is fished out of the water by the participants. With the plastic collected, Plastic Whale is building new boats to expand its fleet and expand its capabilities.Coinmerce recognizes its responsibility and acts to help fight the cleanliness of our waters. With this campaign, we want to help Plastic Whale organize more fishing trips and attract attention from users. Nick Smits van Oyen, CEO of Coinmerce, said about the collaboration:

Plastic Whale is a great initiative and we are honored that their mission can help to create plastic-free waters.

About Coinmerce

Coinmerce is a Netherlands-based cryptocurrency trading platform focused on usability. The platform offers around 130 different cryptocurrencies against Euro pairs via iOS and Android applications.

About Plastic Whale

Plastic Whale is a social enterprise with a mission – we want plastic-free water. Worldwide. We achieve this by showing others that plastic waste can create economic value by including as many people and businesses as possible in the pillars: we collect, we create, we educate.