The benefits and possibilities of gold as currency and means of payment | Harald Seiz

Gold plays a vital role for many investors and is an important component of investment portfolios. However, the precious metal is much more than a tangible asset stored in large denominations as gold bars in the safe at home or in bank vaults. According to Harald Seiz, founder and CEO of Karatbars International, physical gold should serve as a regular currency and secure the financial future of the world. Gold has a historical value and has proven its stability time and time again. State currency systems, debt currencies created out of thin air, are volatile and can be devalued practically overnight by external forces. This risk is non-existent with gold, which is why the precious yellow metal is known as the crisis currency for good reason. The last step is to make it possible for all people to protect themselves and buy and convert gold as a future-oriented and universally accepted currency. Harald Seiz believes that this is possible with small denominations and “monetary values” commonly used in daily trade.

Gold Karatbars Harald Seiz

Gold is a long-term stable investment and CURRENCY

The world is turning upside down. According to Harald Seiz, wars, crises and the slow depreciation of state currencies are serious signs of this grave development. The world at large is faced with geopolitical problems and weather catastrophes. Nobody can influence the decision of the “high and mighty”. But every person can have control over their own financial security and remains financially solvent if they opt for real gold in practical denominations. Karatbars has deliberately concentrated on very small quantities, thus creating a basis that identifies gold as a currency and dismisses precious metals as a pure investment option. Due to the small quantities, everyone has the opportunity to purchase gold, there is no need for a safe and it can be exchanged in return for a product. The situation is different with conventional gold bars, which are offered as an investment product between 1 ounce and 500 grams. Due to the uncertainties on the conventional financial market, more and more people are seeking an alternative. This results in the decision to use fine gold, which can be exchanged for any product anywhere in the world at any time due to its small quantity. Worries about the future are building, especially when it comes to financial security later in life and that of one’s family. Only tangible assets are truly stable, according to Harald Seiz, whose statement is primarily based on the historically proven and the unconditionally stable value of gold.

The history of gold is the best indicator that what has been tried and tested ultimately pays off and endures. When state currencies lose their value and financial systems crash, gold remains stable and has the advantage of a real asset.

Harald Seiz knows that the future financial market will need currencies backed by real value and sees gold as the only stable means of payment that can survive the changing times. Another advantage is based on the global acceptance and the “language” of the precious metal. State currencies cannot be used across borders, while gold is accepted throughout the world and is recognized worldwide for its uniform value. Modern currencies are based on gold and concentrate on the real value, which was already considered a secure medium of exchange in medieval times.