Perfect timing for Bitcoin (BTC)?

For Mike Novogratz, the Bitcoin Halving came just in time: The CEO of the investment company Galaxy Digital sees the Halving against the background of the Corona rescue packages as an invitation to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin halving has once again highlighted the limited offer of Bitcoin: after 21 million Bitcoin units, the end is over. At the same time, the central banks in corona crisis regions are driving the increase in the amount of fiat money drastically. The contrast between the monetary policy of quantitative easing and the increasingly “harder” asset Bitcoin is currently particularly evident. A fact that Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz does not want to leave uncommented.


“[…] We have an amazing tailwind due to the global macro situation. We have this quantitative easing [by the Fed] in addition to quantitative easing all over the world, not just here in the US […] And so it really is that perfect timing for what looks like a macro story that People think, “I should have 1 or 2 percent in Bitcoin” – because the likelihood or possibility that things will go really bad with classic monetary policy is increasing.”

Mike Novogratz interviewed CNN